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Consolidated Technology Guide

The Consolidated Technology Guide (“Guide”) is the new single point of reference for Fannie Mae’s technology licensing contract, the Software Subscription Agreement (SSA), which governs external party access and use of Fannie Mae’s applications and related application programming interfaces (APIs). The new Guide consolidates the components of the SSA into one document, making it easier to find and manage information in a format that is consistent with the Selling and Servicing Guides.  

What changed

  • The main components of the SSA – the Master Terms and Conditions (now referred to as the General Terms and Conditions) and all of its Schedules – have been compiled into one document, the Consolidated Technology Guide.
  • The Master Terms and Conditions have been removed from the Selling Guide and, along with the individual Schedules, will no longer be updated as stand-alone documents beginning October 6, 2021.
  • The one-page Software Subscription Form, which Licensees were previously required to sign, has been replaced by the new three-page Software Subscription License.


Actions to take

  • Existing Licensees do not need to take any action – the Master Terms and all the Schedules included in the Guide are identical to the stand-alone versions of those documents that were in effect prior to the Guide’s publication. A particular Schedule applies only if the Licensee has been granted access to the Licensed Application covered by the Schedule. The migration to the new Guide and licensing structure will be completed on October 26, 2021 when the terms specified in the October 6 Bulletin become effective. Existing Licensees will not need to execute a new agreement.
  • Beginning October 6, 2021, any entity that is not currently a Licensee and wishes to have access to one or more Fannie Mae applications will need to execute a Software Subscription License or electronically consent to its terms.


Upcoming content updates

The first content changes to the Guide will be communicated via Bulletin on or after October 20, 2021.  Unlike past Bulletins that only covered the Master Terms and Conditions or a specific Schedule, a single Guide Bulletin will provide a high-level summary of all content changes in the Guide, including updates to multiple Schedules.  These Bulletins will be issued on an ad hoc basis, when warranted, rather than a predetermined publication schedule.


Guide & Related Bulletins Archive

This section will contain copies of all previously issued Technology Guide Bulletins, as well as all prior versions of the Guide published to date. Each edition of the Guide is intended to supersede and replace all prior versions in their entirety. 

Prior to publication of the Guide, the Master Terms and Conditions and all of the Schedules were maintained separately. View the individual documents that were included in the first issuance of the Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the intended purpose of the Guide, the anticipated changes, and the types of content Licensees can expect in future editions of the Guide.

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