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Special Topics

In our Special Topics series, we look closely at data collected through our National Housing Survey®, Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey®, and customized research to explore specific trends, challenges, and opportunities facing consumers and mortgage lenders in today's housing market.

Mortgage Lenders View TSPs as Indispensable (but Expensive) Partners
April 18, 2024​
Fannie Mae's Economic and Strategic Research Group surveyed nearly 200 senior mortgage executives to better understand how they feel about the TSP marketplace, as well as their experiences with the various services offered.
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Consumers Worried about Impact of Extreme Weather on Homes and Insurance Premiums
April 3, 2024​
Research conducted by Fannie Mae's Economic & Strategic Research Group indicates that nearly half of consumers are concerned about the impact of weather-related events on their homes.
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Older Homeowners are Financially Confident Aging in Place
February 29, 2024​
Given the size of the aged 60-plus homeowner segment, we thought it was important to better understand their financial plans to determine how that might impact future housing market dynamics.
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Lenders Identify Risks and Opportunities for Condo Lending
February 21, 2024​
Last November, Fannie Mae's Economic & Strategic Research Group (ESR) surveyed senior mortgage executives via its Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey® to gather input on existing condo project review requirements, and to help identify opportunities to streamline processes to better manage condo project risks.
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'Lock-in Effect' Not the Only Reason for Housing Supply Woes
October 30, 2023​
Fannie Mae National Housing Survey® findings indicate that there is more to the decline in existing homes for sale than just the lock-in effect.
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Mortgage Lenders Cite Operational Efficiency as Primary Motivation for AI Adoption
October 4, 2023​
In 2018, Fannie Mae surveyed senior mortgage executives to better understand lenders' views on AI/ML. This year, we re-surveyed mortgage lenders to assess how their views and experiences may have changed.
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