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Refinance Application-Level Index

Fannie Mae's Refinance Application-Level Index (RALI) is a weekly series sourcing data from our automated underwriting system, Desktop Underwriter® (DU®), to provide the market timely, comprehensive, and ongoing tracking of refinance activity and historical trends.

RALI ($) Percent Change for Week Ending June 24, 2022

For the holiday-shortened week ending June 24, 2022, the dollar volume of refinance applications decreased 10.0 percent week over week. RALI dollar volume is down 72.3 percent compared to the same week last year. RALI count decreased 10.1 percent week over week and is down 71.8 percent compared to the same week last year.

Note: Due to the upcoming July 4 federal holiday, RALI for the week ending July 1 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, July 6 at 10 a.m. ET. Please consult our publication calendar for additional information.

Comment from Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae Chief Economist:
"As expected, the latest holiday-shortened week led to a large contraction in refinance applications amid a largely flat mortgage rate environment. RALI dollar volume for the week was down 72 percent year over year, similar to the decline in refi activity seen before the holiday-shortened week."

Historical Comparisons – RALI ($) Percent Difference

*Change in the average RALI dollar volume for the last four weeks over the average for the four weeks ending a week earlier.

Learn more: Access the latest RALI data, methodology, and FAQs.

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