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Duty to Serve

Research Initiatives

Advancing affordability through research

Research is a vital element of our Duty to Serve initiative. Powerful data collection and analysis provide valuable insights as we tackle affordability challenges in manufactured housing, affordable housing preservation, and rural housing. Broader understanding leads to more effective solutions — and we’re helping lead the way in both.

Explore the research

  • Innovations in Manufactured Housing (Report)
  • 2021 Public Summary of Learning (Report)
  • MH Heatmap: Real Property Manufactured Housing Deliveries by County, 2018-2020 (MH Heatmap)
  • 2020 Public Summary of Learnings (Report)
  • Manufactured Housing Landscape 2020 (Report)
  • Commentary: Non-Traditional Ownership of Manufactured Housing Communities (Report)
  • Manufactured Housing Loans analysis (Report)
  • Help more borrowers make their homes more energy efficient (Infographic)
  • How homebuyers and homeowners may make their homes more energy efficient (Report)
  • An analysis of six strategies to stabilize neighborhoods (White Paper)
  • Modular Housing (Toolkit)
  • Green Bond Impact (Report)
  • Creating Equity and Stability for Lower-Income San Franciscans Through Homeownership (Report)
  • Special Public Purpose Case Studies
    • California — Property Tax Welfare Exemption (Report)
    • Hawaii — Preservation Through Public Private Partnership (Report)
    • Texas — Leverage of Federal HOME Funds (Report)
    • Washington — Multifamily Tax Exemption Program (Report)
    • Massachusetts — $100 Million Workforce Housing Initiative (Report)
    • New Jersey — Economic Redevelopment and Growth Program (Report)
  • Inclusionary Housing in the United States: Prevalence, Practices, and Production in Local Jurisdictions as of 2019 (Report)
  • Exploring the Influence of Solar Panels on Housing Values (Report)
  • A Methodological Approach to Estimate Residential Heirs' Property in the United States (Report) NEW!
  • Can Service-Learning Programs at Anchor Institutions Contribute to Increasing Homebuyer
    Readiness through Financial Capability? (Report)
  • Small Balance Loan Origination Analysis in Rural and High-Needs Rural Areas (Report)
  • Native American Research (Blog)
  • Native American Homeownership — Qualitative Research (Report)
  • Multifamily Challenges and Opportunities in Middle Appalachia (Report)
  • Multifamily Challenges and Opportunities in the Mississippi Delta (Report)

Progress in border communities

Located along the U.S. border with Mexico, colonias communities lack a universal definition, which hinders investment. Research from Fannie Mae and the Housing Assistance Council addresses this challenge.

View the research here