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Progress With Purpose

What Progress Means

Our goal is as simple as it is important. We aim to provide more housing opportunities for everyone in America.

We aim to do that in three ways: First, by looking inward to ensure that we are creating an equitable and inclusive environment where all our employees can thrive and contribute to our mission. Second, by knocking down the housing barriers of the past and expanding access to a quality, affordable place to call home. Third, by driving change across the entire housing industry, so that it better represents the people it serves.

Progress With Purpose - What Process Means

The Homeownership Gap 

Black homeownership is the lowest of all racial groups in the United States, and the Black homeownership gap is not improving. 42% of Black Americans own homes compared to 72% of non-Hispanic white Americans – a gap of 30 percentage points, which translates to about 4.7 million Black households.

The Homeownership Gap The Homeownership Gap
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The housing reality for Black Americans

Black Americans historically — and currently — face significant obstacles when it comes to securing and maintaining housing, both in the rental market as well as in homeownership. It’s vital that we understand these issues to develop solutions that expand housing equity for Black renters and homeowners.

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Equitable Housing Finance Plan

Our new three-year plan will support Black renters and homebuyers in a number of ways, from programs to decrease renters’ security deposit costs to providing down payment assistance and giving credit-invisible homebuyers more access to loans.

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How We’re Making Progress 

We’re building sustainable solutions and taking actions to help create quality, affordable housing and a healthier environment while maintaining responsible business practices.

Appraiser Diversity Initiative success stories — Jessica Brown 

In partnership with the National Urban League, the Appraiser Diversity Initiative is cultivating the next generation of appraisers.

Moving Forward Today 

Our commitment to increasing positive social and environmental impacts in the housing industry has resulted in real benefits for households and communities.