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Duty to Serve

Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Housing: Expanding affordable supply

We believe manufactured housing can help solve the country’s affordable housing supply challenges. Today’s factory-built homes offer quality amenities and value, making them an affordable alternative to site-built options. Through this viable housing option, we're helping more families of modest means access sustainable home rental and ownership opportunities.

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All Markets  Manufactured Housing 

Our strong commitment to manufactured housing

We’re harnessing the power of collaboration and advancing creative financing solutions to help homebuyers and renters access the benefits of manufactured housing.

What’s new in manufactured housing

Single-family manufactured housing

MH Advantage® is an affordable conventional option for manufactured housing mortgages

MH Advantage offers innovative and affordable financing on specially designed manufactured homes.

MH Advantage financing

We’re increasing liquidity for manufactured housing

We’re expanding secondary market purchases of conventional single-family mortgage loans for manufactured housing titled as real property.

Manufactured housing mortgages

Our research helps expand financing opportunities

We’re producing public summaries and research studies to promote transparency with industry stakeholders and accelerate industry growth.

Research initiatives

Multifamily manufactured housing

We’re advancing non-traditional ownership structures

Financing is available for loans secured by government-, nonprofit-, and resident-owned manufactured housing communities (MHCs).

Manufactured housing communities non-traditional ownership

Our work supports protections for residents

We’re expanding financing opportunities for MHCs that offer protections to homeowners who lease their lots.

Manufactured housing communities tenant site lease protections

Our accomplishments*

*Totals reflect 2018-2022. Data represents Fannie Mae’s determination of qualifying Duty to Serve activities, and are subject to restatement or revision based on FHFA review. Fannie Mae’s 2022 results have not been validated.

Innovative financing for a new generation of manufactured homes

Supporting the development of MH Advantage subdivisions