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About Us

Mortgage Finance in America

Fannie Mae is a leading provider of mortgage financing in the U.S. We support the market with:

  • Liquidity – providing financial capital to help make mortgages available.
  • Accessibility – expanding access to credit to better serve the needs of today’s buyers.
  • Stability – working toward a safer housing finance system.

We don't provide mortgages to consumers, but we do help provide liquidity for the housing market. We provide the financing lenders need, so buyers have access to mortgages. That includes the popular 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage, which provides predictable, stable payments over the life of the loan. Without this option, homeownership would be unattainable for many.

Our goal is to expand access to mortgage credit for today's creditworthy borrowers. And together with our lenders and partners, we work to do just that – helping make mortgages more accessible and affordable while mitigating the risk.

We are continuously working to improve the housing finance industry – from developing industry-leading tools and technology, to implementing new standards and solutions. We're focused on improving the mortgage process for both homebuyers and lenders – while mitigating risk. This is how we're moving the housing industry forward.

We also provide financing for rental housing – an important segment of the housing market. This is a key component of Fannie Mae's mission and business. We are a leading provider of financing for affordable multifamily properties. And we are bringing specialized products and solutions to the market – such as our affordable, senior, student, and green multifamily housing financing programs.

In the first quarter of 2022, we financed approximately 136,000 units of multifamily rental housing, a significant majority of which were affordable to families earning at or below 120% of the area median income, providing support for both affordable and workforce housing.


Page last revised: 05/03/22