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Duty to Serve

Colonias Investment Areas Research

Understanding the Colonias Investment Areas

Located along the U.S. and Mexico border, colonias communities lack a widely accepted definition and standardized boundaries, hindering investment. Fannie Mae and the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) have partnered to address this underserved market. Insights gained from our research are leading to greater understanding of the colonias region and potential investment opportunities.

Explore our 2020 Colonias Investment Areas research

Colonias visualization mapping tool

Find colonias communities and explore detailed tract and county data using our interactive mapping tool.

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Area Median Income (AMI) estimates are provided by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. These AMIs are used in income eligibility determinations.

For more information, visit FHFA’s Duty to Serve Data website.


Proud to partner with HAC

Fannie Mae is pleased to have partnered with the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) to address the need for a greater understanding of the colonias region. Working together, we hope to increase investment in and access to affordable housing in this underserved market.