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Duty to Serve

Affordable Housing Preservation

Leading the way in affordable housing preservation

To fulfill our mission of affordable housing, we are working with our stakeholders and partners to drive positive change. Together, we’re investing in affordable, sustainable homeownership and rental options. We’re also supporting efficiency, resiliency, and rehabilitation to preserve and improve the availability of affordable housing across the country.

Our work helps more families find affordable homes — and stay in them longer. Our Single-Family and Multifamily teams collaborate with industry stakeholders to innovate solutions for today's market.

View the comprehensive 2022-24 plan and specific sections:

All Markets  Affordable Housing Preservation 

See how we are making a difference

What’s new in affordable housing

Single-family affordable housing

We’re working to increase liquidity for shared equity programs

Models like community land trusts and restricted resale properties preserve affordability and encourage homeownership.

Shared equity programs

Our financing makes property improvements possible

We offer financing options for energy and water efficiency and the rehabilitation of distressed single-family properties.

Our innovative mortgage products

Borrower education and support

We’re educating borrowers on shared equity, energy efficiency, and lowering costs, and we’re offering counseling programs.

Homeownership education resources

Multifamily affordable housing

We leverage affordable housing preservation programs on every level

We pursue preservation strategies and purchase loans under federal, state, and local housing programs.

Affordable preservation financing

Workforce housing is a mainstay of our efforts

We’re building on our long-standing support for workforce housing initiatives.

Our suite of affordable products

We set the standard in Green Financing

Our water and energy efficiency improvement programs make properties more sustainable and create savings.

Green Financing resources

Our accomplishments*

*Totals reflect 2018-2023. Data represents Fannie Mae’s determination of qualifying Duty to Serve activities, and are subject to restatement or revision based on FHFA review. Fannie Mae’s 2023 results have not been validated.