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Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Board developed and formally adopted these guidelines to explain the policies and procedures governing its operations.

The document talks about the roles and responsibilities of the board and management. Among other things, it also looks at the size and composition of the board. And the criteria for choosing director members and determining that they are independent.

The board reviews these guidelines at least once a year. From time to time, the board may make appropriate changes.

Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF)

The Corporate Governance Guidelines' content categories are:

  • The Roles and Responsibilities of the Board and Management 
  • The Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • Board Composition, Size and Membership Criteria; Limitations on Board
  • Director Independence
  • Board Leadership
  • Board Meetings
  • Minutes
  • Board Materials
  • Committees
  • Director Access to Management and Outside Advisors
  • Communications with the Board
  • Director Compensation and Reimbursement
  • Director Orientation and Continuing Education
  • Board Performance Evaluation
  • Management Evaluation and Succession
  • Compliance; Codes of Conduct
  • Implementation of the Guidelines
Page last revised: 5/4/23