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The 2024 area median incomes (AMIs) have been implemented in Desktop Underwriter®(DU®), Loan Delivery, and the Area Median Income Lookup Tool.

Driving the future of affordable housing

True to our mission and our Duty to Serve, we’re leading the way in providing access to affordable housing across America. We’re supporting sustainable homeownership and healthy, safe rental communities and working with stakeholders to improve the housing finance system.

In the country’s key overlooked markets — manufactured housing, affordable housing preservation, and rural housing ― our innovative solutions are helping more and more families achieve the dream of a stable, affordable place to call home.

Making a difference in underserved markets

Explore our research initiatives

Estimating the impact of heirship issues

This report provides an estimate of the prevalence and impact of heirs' title issues on a national scale.

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Innovations in Manufactured Housing

Read about alternative ownership models and available financing options for consumers living in manufactured housing communities.

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How homebuyers and homeowners may make their homes more energy efficient

Learn how lenders and real estate professionals can help their customers address home energy and water costs through energy efficiency improvements.

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Small Loan Originations in Rural Areas

In this report, we highlight the key role rural areas play in the origination of small balance loans.

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Impact by the numbers*

*Totals reflect 2018-2022. Data represents Fannie Mae’s determination of qualifying Duty to Serve activities, and are subject to restatement or revision based on FHFA review. Fannie Mae’s 2022 results have not been validated. In 2022, only purchase money mortgage single-family loans were included in total calculations.

Click here to check out a more comprehensive view of our Duty to Serve impact numbers.


Easily Find Income Eligibility by Area

Our interactive map allows lenders and other housing professionals to quickly find income limits searching by 11-digit Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code or specific address.

For Area Median Income Lookup Tool Tips click here.

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