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About Us

Employee Resource Groups

An inclusive culture where employees feel respected and valued for who we are enables us to do our best work as we contribute to Fannie Mae's vision to be America's most valued housing partner. Employee Resource Groups offer employees of all backgrounds and interests a chance to connect, learn, develop, and serve.

Employee Resource Groups, sponsored by Fannie Mae's Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, provide opportunities to connect around common interests while furthering the company's mission and business objectives. ERGs are employee initiated and employee led; their efforts support our diversity and inclusion strategy commitments. Fannie Mae employees are welcome to join any ERG.



The ABLE ERG seeks to promote career and leadership development among its members, create an environment to support and celebrate the culture of Fannie Mae’s African Ancestry employees, and contribute to the community and to the success of Fannie Mae’s mission. Our mission is to harness our members’ inner brilliance and propel them to their greatest potential.

Asian Employee Resource Group

The Asian ERG seeks to implement programs to promote the professional development of its members, support community outreach, and serve as a talent resource for the business of Fannie Mae. Our membership is inclusive and welcoming of all employees at Fannie Mae that share an interest in participating and growing the organization.

Hispanic Employee Resource Group

The Hispanic ERG seeks to increase cultural awareness within the organization and to provide members with professional development opportunities. This community also fosters business partnerships to impact minority homeownership, employee recruitment and retention. Through our various partnerships we will further the company’s volunteerism efforts and presence in the Hispanic community.

INDUS Employee Resource Group

The INDUS ERG seeks to build awareness about Indian culture, traditions, values, and festivals associated with it. This community also aims to enhance awareness, heighten sensitivity, and promote greater understanding of cultural traditions associated with persons of Indian origin.

Interfaith Employee Resource Group

The Interfaith ERG seeks to support and empower employees by providing education and raising awareness of various religions, faith expressions, and non-faith expressions, encouraging all to express themselves authentically and respectfully in the workplace. This community also is focused on furthering company initiatives and developing programming related to psychological safety and inclusion, professional development, and community development and outreach.

In-Visible Inclusion Employee Resource Group

The In-Visible Inclusion (I2) ERG seeks to empower and support employees with disabilities with enhancing Fannie Mae’s workforce, workplace, and position in the market. This community will also develop and enhance business-related and leadership skills to promote Diversity and Inclusion in support of Fannie Mae’s mission and corporate objectives.

Live Openly Employee Resource Group

The Live Openly ERG seeks to advance our corporate initiative to value diversity by fostering the recognition and acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bi- sexual, and Transgender employees, homeowners, business partners, and other stakeholders as an integral part of the Fannie Mae community.

Veterans Employee Resource Group

The Veterans ERG seeks to make Fannie Mae a preferred employer for the Veterans and Families of the Armed Forces by fostering a strong network through fellowship and community outreach in support of the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion D&I Strategy.

Women's Employee Resource Group

The Women’s ERG seeks to be an impactful group that enhances Fannie Mae’s people, culture and business initiatives by developing our member’s leadership skills; Recognizing that all voices should be heard and counted, we encourage women to participate in volunteer activities critical to our company’s mission and we want to inspire employees to capitalize on diversity and shape an environment of inclusion.

Young Professionals Employee Resource Group

The Young Professionals ERG seeks to encourage retention of Fannie Mae’s workforce through the presentation of programs to enhance business-related skills and education opportunities; promote cross-company exposure, and help the company engage and recruit external entry level talent.