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About Us

Sustainable Communities

We are spurring innovation and fostering cross-sector partnerships to help address the shortage of affordable housing in healthy, stable communities nationwide.

The Sustainable Communities Initiative

Our Sustainable Communities Initiative forges partnerships in sectors adjacent to housing, such as employment, education, and health, to explore innovative ways to support affordable housing for families of low to moderate incomes. We define sustainable communities as those offering affordable housing and integrated access to well-paying jobs, high-performing schools, and health and wellness services.

Fannie Mae recognizes that the story of housing in America includes a history of systemic racism and the lack of affordable housing disproportionately affects people of color and poses an obstacle to their advancement and general well-being. We are committed to doing all that we can to support a housing finance system that is free of racism, including partnering with organizations that reflect and serve communities of color.

Read about our Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge 2022, including the five contract awardees and their innovative solutions.

Why sustainable communities matter

When families live in stable homes in a sustainable community, they have greater opportunities to prosper in all aspects of life and are more resilient to life’s shocks and stressors. Yet housing in stable, thriving communities is often out of reach for people of modest incomes.

That’s why the Sustainable Communities Initiative is collaborating across sectors to address this growing problem and find innovative solutions that improve resident outcomes. When we do, not only will we help create a stronger U.S. housing market, but millions more homeowners and renters will be able to access housing in sustainable communities — affordably and equitably.

Explore our collaborative projects

Click the links below to learn more about our previous Innovation Challenge awardees and their innovative projects. You can watch videos and learn about the exciting impact of projects in key areas.