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Housing and Dreams Delayed

Elementary school leaders partner to stabilize housing for students most at risk of homelessness

Elementary school leaders partner to stabilize housing for students most at risk of homelessness


UPD Consulting

Baltimore, Maryland

Can a network of temporary housing with wraparound services near schools provide housing stability and improve educational outcomes for young children and their families facing homelessness?

The project with UPD Consulting addresses chronic absenteeism and academic performance of early elementary school children (pre-K – 3rd grade) in Baltimore City Public Schools through the creation of a temporary supportive housing program for families. The program identifies children most at risk for chronic absenteeism, confirms their housing circumstances, and connects the child’s family with nearby temporary housing and supportive services. The housing is located near targeted schools, minimizing the likelihood of the child needing to change schools during the school year.

With a contract award from Fannie Mae, UPD Consulting and the Baltimore City Department and Housing and Community Development (DHCD) teams were able to:

  • Create protocols for the selection of families, assignment of temporary housing, and the types of supportive services offered.
  • Produce a report that assesses the feasibility and tactical implementation requirements to set up a temporary, supportive housing program.

By the end of the contract with Fannie Mae, Baltimore DHCD had committed resources to support the rehabilitation and preservation of affordable housing in the target neighborhoods. UPD Consulting and Baltimore DHCD plan to establish at least nine residences across three Baltimore neighborhoods that have the highest elementary school absenteeism rates.

Watch the video to see how UPD Consulting is partnering with schools to stabilize housing and improve academic outcomes for students in Baltimore.

UPD Consulting is a change management consulting company dedicated to increasing the value and effectiveness of public sector organizations seeking to improve social equity. UPD identifies and addresses the organizational cultural shifts that must take place for new practices to succeed. UPD provides comprehensive implementation services with a focus on data, operational improvements, and performance management.

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