Sustainable Communities
Safe, Stable, Thriving

Fannie Mae is finding innovative ways to responsibly increase access to credit, stimulate more housing supply, and reduce the overall cost of buying, owning, or renting a home. The Sustainable Communities Partnership and Innovation Initiative is addressing the nation’s shortage of affordable housing through partnerships in sectors adjacent to housing, such as employment, education, health, and wellness.

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38.1 million households spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing


About 64 percent of rent-burdened families have less than $400 cash in the bank; 50 percent have less than $10 in savings

The Sustainable Communities Initiative is an incubator for ideas that identify innovative solutions to address the affordable housing crisis. We strive to connect people with tools, and elevate and amplify ideas, to drive changes in the housing market around healthy, affordable housing and increased access to communities that are sustainable, offering quality education, healthy homes, and well–paying jobs. Sustainable Communities supports early–stage pilot programs that are then transitioned to Fannie Mae business units upon success.

The Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge

The Challenge is a 2-year $10 million commitment by Fannie Mae to attract innovative ideas that will help Fannie Mae address the nation’s affordable housing issues by advancing sustainable communities.

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Future Housing Leaders

Sustainable Communities incubated this industry-focused program that offers paid summer internships to college students from diverse backgrounds who want a meaningful career that will enable them to impact a basic human need: housing.

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Healthy Housing Rewards

Sustainable Communities incubated this program to provide financial incentives to borrowers who incorporate healthy design features for newly constructed or rehabilitated affordable multifamily rental properties.

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