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Disaster Resources for Business Partners

We work with customers, partners, and Federal and local authorities to mitigate the effects of disasters on residents and communities.

And when a large-scale disaster strikes, communication is essential for an effective response. That’s why we consolidate all the latest announcements for our business partners and investors below—plus provide links to our standard guidance for disaster assistance.

Business Partners

Guidance for providing assistance in disasters

Single-Family Lenders and Servicers – Visit the disaster relief section of our Single-Family business website.

DUS® Multifamily Servicers and Borrowers – impacted servicers should reach out to their Multifamily Servicer Relationship Manager with any inquiries. Multifamily borrowers should contact their DUS servicers. Visit the disaster response page on our Multifamily business website.

Business updates

FAQs for Single-Family Lenders and Servicers Regarding Disasters (Updated: 07/12/23)