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Disaster Recovery Initiatives

The frequency and severity of disasters affects communities nationwide resulting in displaced lives, emotional duress, and economic costs. That’s why we’re expanding our outreach and activities, along with our partners.

Disaster Response and Rebuild Team – In 2018, we formed a dedicated team to advance our comprehensive disaster relief efforts. They engage local partners and support investments focused on long-term rebuilding and resiliency.

Innovation – We’re driving new approaches to disasters, like the use of drones for damage assessment, mortgage relief without higher payments, a consumer call center for disaster victims, and housing built to withstand severe weather—like modern manufactured housing.

Fannie Mae’s disaster recovery counseling – In a first for our industry, we’ve launched a free service to help residents navigate the broad financial effects of disaster by assisting with claims and more. Learn more at Fannie Mae's consumer website.

Volunteer rebuilding deployments – Long after a disaster fades from the news cycle, communities still struggle with the day-to-day challenges of rebuilding. Our employee volunteers routinely step in to help families repair and rebuild housing, traveling to areas in need.

Employee giving and matching gifts – Our shared sense of community and responsibility drives our employee giving program to contribute financial resources for disaster relief. We’re proud of this passion for giving—and match it to amplify their generosity.

Corporate resiliency – We play a key role in housing and the economy, so business continuity is a top priority. If disaster strikes, we’re prepared with geographically dispersed and redundant operations to ensure our support of the market is uninterrupted.

Fannie Mae’s disaster-related partnerships and initiatives are on the leading edge and demonstrate our commitment to better outcomes for homeowners and communities.