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Research & Insights

About our Economic & Strategic Research Group

Led by senior vice president and chief economist, Doug Duncan, our Economic & Strategic Research (ESR) Group studies current data, analyzes historical and emerging trends, and conducts surveys of consumer and mortgage lender groups to provide forecasts and analyses on the economy, housing, and mortgage markets.

You can read or download the group's publications, commentaries, data presentations, and special projects in the "Research & Insights" section of You can also subscribe for e-mail updates to stay current on the group's latest research.

To request a speaker from the ESR Group, please complete and submit the request form, and provide as much information as possible about the event. When you press "submit," the completed form will be sent to the ESR speaking engagement coordinator who will follow up with you once the request has been reviewed.

Fannie Mae Receives Top Honors for Most Accurate Macroeconomic Forecast

Chief Economist Doug Duncan and Fannie Mae's Economic & Strategic Research (ESR) Group received the 2022 Lawrence R. Klein Award for Blue Chip Forecast Accuracy. The prestigious award, presented by Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business, recognizes the ESR Group's outstanding macroeconomic forecast work for the four-year period from 2018-2021, and uses as its criteria the smallest average error for predictions of gross domestic product, inflation, and unemployment. Learn more about the Lawrence R. Klein award here.