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ESR Speaker Request Form

It is Fannie Mae's policy to approve all events before any Fannie Mae representative can consider them. Please submit the requested details below.

Please do not enter any personally identifiable information or confidential information here, as these are not encrypted fields.

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Presentation Details          

Keynote or Panel Discussion:
Is a PowerPoint needed? If so, what is your proposed due date? Please note that due to the nature of content, no earlier than a week in advance is appreciated.
(Example: "Speaker arrives at Ballroom 1 at 8:15 a.m. for sound check. Speaks from 8:30 -9:30 a.m. Can leave after 9:30 a.m.")


Any additional speakers at your event? If so, please list:
Is this a Fannie Mae sponsored event?
Will there be any elected officials participating/attending (if yes, who)?
Will any press or media attend the event (if yes, who)?

Logistical Requirements

Travel Expense Coverage (Flight, hotel, incidentals, etc.)?
Will expenses be paid up-front or reimbursed?
If the event requires ground transportation, will you be making arrangements on our speaker's behalf:
(Example: Do you plan to invite the speaker to a reception before the speaking engagement or afterwards? If so, location of the reception? Reception attire?)
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