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Tips for performance reviews

Performance reviews are a perfect opportunity to make your voice heard and share your perspective on your achievements. At Fannie Mae, we have standardized mid-year reviews, end-of-year reviews, and monthly coaching sessions that foster career growth and set our employees up for success.

Read on for tips about how to make the most of performance reviews and be your own best advocate.

Connect the dots between your goals and achievements

Set aside time before meeting with your manager to review the goals and objectives you set for the performance period. Outline the work you’ve tackled and jot down a list of specific objectives you met and where you made the most significant impact.

As you write your self-evaluation, use your goals as the framework for your achievements. How did you move the needle? What challenges did you encounter? Where is there still room for improvement?

Consider using the “Accomplishment, Evidence, Impact” model:

  • First, list your accomplishments that demonstrate the best work you did to meet your goal(s).
  • Then, cite evidence to help your manager and other leaders understand the “what,” “how,” and “why” behind your accomplishments.
  • Finally, emphasize the impact of your accomplishments and how they positively affected the business, your skillset, your team, customers and/or clients. Document how your contributions have saved time and/or money, made processes or programs better for customers, and new relationships you built through collaboration.

Feedback is a gift – take it seriously

Once you’ve done some self-reflection on your performance, ask partners you worked with closely during the review period what you can start, stop, and continue doing to strengthen your partnership moving forward.

During the conversation with your manager, be prepared to receive both positive and challenging feedback. Remember that feedback is a tool to help you grow.

Create a path forward

The review is also an opportunity to set yourself up for future success. Outline areas you want to improve or how you can progress your career over the next review period. Is there a role you’d like to stretch into? Do you have a goal you can take steps toward?

Ask your manager for regular check-ins to review your progress. During check-ins, listen to how your manager perceives your progress, seek their advice on areas you could improve, and discuss what goals might need to change and reprioritize them accordingly.

Tracking your progress through focused meetings with your manager can be the key to setting the right goals and achieving your desired results, which will make your next performance review a breeze.

Self-advocacy is self-empowerment

At Fannie Mae, we empower our employees to measure their success and track performance to grow their careers. Are you looking for your next career opportunity? Search our open roles.

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