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Three Ways to Make an Impact During Your Internship

Jodi Horne
Fannie Mae

Featuring Heidi, Ryan, and Merisa

The goal from day one for many interns is to make an impression, help your team reach their objectives, and accomplish something meaningful. From supporting customers and serving communities, Fannie Mae’s Summer Internship Program is designed to empower and enable students to own their careers and help Fannie Mae work toward the mission to bring sustainability and affordability to the housing industry. We asked our summer interns for their advice on how to make the most of their experience.

Here are three ways you can make an impact during your summer internship.

  • Be Proactive
    Taking charge of your internship experience is a key to making the most of your summer and getting exposure to various projects and assignments. “I feel that I made an impact on my team’s work by reaching out to my team members, shadowing, and collaborating, allowing me to bring a fresh perspective to the table,” said Heidi S., an intern with the Information Technology Solutions team. Leaning in to support the team and raising your hand for new assignments allow you to gain more experience, but also add value and be an important asset to your colleagues.

  • Be Curious
    Asking questions allows you to learn more, provide better input on projects, and contribute during team meetings. Ryan G., an intern with the Economic and Strategic Research team, said, “by realizing the motivating and supportive nature of my team, I quickly threw away any hesitation to ask questions or speak up. It allowed my curiosity, willingness to learn, and overall desire to take on new tasks to benefit my team’s work this summer and positively contribute to Fannie Mae’s mission.” Inquisitiveness is important for coming up with new solutions and problem solving, ultimately moving a project forward or getting a task done.

  • Build Your Network
    Networking within your department and meeting others across the organization can help you better understand the company and how your work ties back to the mission. It can also help you learn from experienced colleagues and utilize best practices. “I wanted to make sure I made some meaningful connections. From day one, I started reaching out to people on my team, learning more about them, how they got into their positions, and asked them for advice,” said Merisa D., an intern with the Capital Management team. Making connections can contribute to expanding your skillset and advancing your career.

By owning your career and taking charge of your internship experience, you can have a rewarding summer and make a difference. This summer, Fannie Mae’s interns had the opportunity to apply their knowledge, gain new skills, and make a positive impact on the company. If you are a student looking for a meaningful internship experience, join our Campus Talent Community to learn more.

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