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Housing First Village: Overview

Housing First Village in Bozeman, MT, is a community of newly constructed tiny homes. The community leverages the frequent user systems engagement (FUSE) model to provide stable housing for people previously chronically unhoused, who were also among the highest users of emergency rooms, jails, shelters, clinics, and other crisis services. The community supports residents as they transition to stable housing, providing enhanced supportive services, including case management, mental health and addiction support, food services, and job counseling.

There are currently 12 homes on the site, with another seven planned for construction in 2022. The homes, each 100 – 350 square feet, are arranged so that residents have adequate personal space. The community is set up so residents can also enjoy shared green spaces for socializing and participating in outdoor activities.

HRDC has used its Fannie Mae Innovation Challenge contract award to:

In November 2021, 14 residents moved into Housing First Village.

The approach taken by HRDC is one that other communities nationwide can replicate as they seek to address the steep costs of servicing unhoused individuals. HRDC estimates it will save local systems just over $16,000 per person each year that residents remain housed at Housing First Village.

We are already paying for homelessness in our community at a great cost with very poor outcomes. Housing First Village provides us the opportunity to pay less for much improved outcomes, while also reducing the strain on existing systems.

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