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A plan for more equitable opportunities for all

Fannie Mae’s Equitable Housing Finance Plan (EHFP)  is an actionable, three-year road map designed to overcome inequities in the U.S. housing market. In its second year, the 2023 Plan outlines new actions and adaptive changes while the goal remains the same: to knock down the barriers to affordable rental housing and homeownership for historically underserved populations.


The Black and Latino Housing Journeys

Fannie Mae’s housing equity efforts are guided by a data-driven, evidence-based, and consumer-centric framework referred to as the Consumer Housing Journey. Download the Black Housing Journey and Latino Housing Journey research PDFs to learn more about the distinct obstacles faced by Black and Latino consumers.


What’s new in 2023

The Latino Housing Journey: A new data-based consumer journey informs our actions and provides additional insights to the existing Black Housing Journey. 

New actions: Building on last year’s equitable housing plan, new actions were developed specifically to improve equitable access to rental housing and financially empower renters.

An innovation portfolio: Five new projects will support community-based approaches to sustainable housing for Black people in communities of opportunity.

Closed or revised actions: Two actions from last year’s EHFP were removed to focus on more efficient efforts, and most other actions were updated based on early learnings or input. 

2022 Performance ReportAn overview of our results in the first year of the EHFP, including progress summaries for each of our 17 initial EHFP actions.

Driven by this research, the EHFP focuses on actions that promote more equitable housing along three main phases of the housing journey:   

Step 1

Housing Preparation

Promoting credit building and financial education to help underserved households increase access to affordable rental housing and prepare early for sustainable homeownership.

Step 2

Renting or Buying

Removing unnecessary obstacles consumers face when shopping for, acquiring, renting, or financing a home.

Step 3

Move In and Maintain

Improving the housing system so renters and homeowners can withstand disruptions and remain stably housed.

25 actions in the Equitable Housing Finance Plan

 Housing Preparation  Renting or Buying  Move In and Maintain