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Fannie Mae Biometric Information Retention Notice

Last Updated: December 21, 2023

Fannie Mae provides this Biometric Information Retention Notice ("Retention Notice") to describe its retention schedule and guidelines for destroying biometric identifiers and biometric information (collectively, "biometric information") that Fannie Mae collects. Fannie Mae's collection, use, storage, and any sharing of biometric information are disclosed in the release signed by individuals prior to collection of biometric information. This Retention Notice applies only to Fannie Mae employees and contractors from whom Fannie Mae has collected biometric information.

Retention Schedule and Guidelines
Fannie Mae will retain biometric information about employees or contractors for the duration of their employment or contracting relationship with Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae will securely and permanently destroy the biometric information after the initial purpose for collecting or obtaining the biometric information has been satisfied or when the employee or contractor's relationship with Fannie Mae ends, whichever occurs first.

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If you have questions about this Retention Notice, please contact Workplace Security.