Perspectives - 2019 Archive

Shopping Around for a Mortgage Pays Off for Consumers

August 5, 2019

Doug Duncan Image

by Doug Duncan
SVP and Chief Economist, Fannie Mae
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Future Housing Leaders Program Addresses Industry’s Diversity Needs

July 24, 2019

Marcus Cole

by Marcus Cole
Director, Future Housing Leaders Program
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Technological Investment Necessary in Evolving Mortgage Landscape, Lenders Say

July 18, 2019

Andrew Peters

by Andrew Peters
Vice President, Single-Family Strategy & Insights
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Innovative Solutions to Support Non-Traditional Ownership of Manufactured Housing Communities

July 2, 2019

Jose Villarreal

by Jose Villarreal
Manager, Multifamily MHC Product Development
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Buying on a Budget? Finance Your Dream Home with a HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage

June 19, 2019

Jonathan Lawless

by Jonathan Lawless
Vice President, Product Development and Affordable Housing
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Consumers Continue to Overestimate Mortgage Requirements

June 5, 2019

Mark Palim and Sarah Shahdad

by Mark Palim and Sarah Shahdad
Economic & Strategic Research
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The Intriguing Future of Appraisal Careers

June 3, 2019

Jacob Williamson

by Jacob Williamson
Vice President of Single-Family Credit Risk Collateral Management
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Mortgage Lenders Look to Leverage New Technologies to Gain Competitive Advantages

April 22, 2019

Prabhakar Bhogaraju Image

by Prabhakar Bhogaraju
Vice President, Digital Products
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Affordable Housing Crisis Demands Renewed Focus on Housing Supply

March 12, 2019

Jeff Hayward Image

by Jeffery Hayward
Executive Vice President, Multifamily
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"Making Room: Housing for a Changing America" Exhibit Offers Innovation and Inspiration

March 5, 2019

Maria Evans

by Maria Evans
Vice President of Sustainable Communities Partnership & Innovation Initiative
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Banks' Online Services Appreciated, but Big Tech Competitors Loom

February 5, 2019

Steve Deggendorf Image

by Steve Deggendorf
Director, Market Insights Research
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Fannie Mae Speaker Series Tackles a Forgotten History

February 1, 2019

Danielle McCoy

by Danielle McCoy
Vice President and Fair Lending Officer
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Lenders: A Shortage of Supply Slowed 2018 Home Sales and Worsened Affordability

January 30, 2019

Mark Palim

by Mark Palim
Vice President and Deputy Chief Economist
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Delivering on our Affordable Housing Mission under Duty to Serve

January 14, 2019

Jeff Hayward Image

by Jeffery Hayward
Executive Vice President, Multifamily
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Building Healthy and Stable Communities with Healthy Housing Rewards Enhanced Resident Services

January 9, 2019

Bob Simpson

by Bob Simpson
Vice President, Affordable and Green Financing
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