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Press Release

Fannie Mae Provides Sustained Liquidity to the Multifamily Mortgage Market

July 27, 2011

Andrew Wilson


WASHINGTON, DC — Fannie Mae (FNMA/OTC) today announced that in the first half of 2011, the company issued $10.3 billion in MBS backed by new multifamily acquisitions delivered by our lenders, and sold $5.3 billion in MBS pools and GeMSTM structured transactions, enhancing tradable float and supporting liquidity in the multifamily MBS market.

"In today's economic environment, Fannie Mae continues to deliver liquidity to the multifamily housing market and provide investment options to market participants," said Kimberly Johnson, Fannie Mae Vice President for Multifamily Capital Markets. "Through our multifamily MBS issuance (including DUS MBS, GeMSTM structured transactions and portfolio activities), Fannie Mae provided market participants with considerable volume and a variety of execution options in the first half of 2011."

Beginning in 2009, Fannie Mae made reinvigoration of its multifamily MBS business and broadening the investor base a top priority. By ramping up its MBS execution and transforming the multifamily capital markets business, Fannie Mae has shifted from being primarily a multifamily portfolio market participant to one that provides liquidity to the multifamily market mainly through securitization.

Fannie Mae provides the largest share of U.S. multifamily mortgage financing, and traditionally has been a leader in this market. The company's DUS MBS securities provide market participants with investment securities offering easily-modeled cash flows, superior call protection and positive convexity in defined maturities of 5-, 7- and 10-years. Fannie Mae's Guaranteed Multifamily Structures (Fannie Mae GeMSTM) program consists of structured multifamily securities created from Fannie Mae's portfolio. Fannie Mae GeMSTM offer market participants block size investments, collateral diversity and pricing close to par through its multifamily REMICs (ACES) and multifamily Mega securities.

Highlights of Fannie Mae's activity in the first half of 2011 include the following:


New multifamily MBS business volumes through June 30, 2011 totaled $10.3 billion.


Issuance of Fannie Mae's structured multifamily securities created from its portfolio totaled $2.6 billion, including $1.2 billion in GeMSTM ACES and $1.4 billion in GeMSTM Megas through June 30, 2011.


Fannie Mae's Capital Markets group has sold $5.3 billion of multifamily mortgage securities from its portfolio through June 30, 2011.

For additional information about Fannie Mae's multifamily MBS products and issuance please refer to Basics of Multifamily MBS and our MBSenger Publication "Twenty Years of Multifamily Mortgage Financing Through Fannie Mae's DUS Program" on

GeMSTM Issuance Year-to-Date through June 30, 2011

FNA 2011-M1, Priced on May 17, 2011

Class CUSIP Original Face Weighted Average Life Coupon Coupon Type Spread Price
A1 31397UPD5 $30,225,000 4.09 1.981% Fixed Rate S+45 99.5
A2 31397UPE5 $59,800,000 8.76 3.607% Fixed Rate S+67 99.5
A3 31397UPF0 $353,842,465 9.84 3.763% Fixed Rate S+65 99.5
FA 31397UPG8 $140,122,610 9.31 1mo L+45, 7% Cap Fixed Rate L+45 100
SA 31397UPH6 $140,122,610 9.31 6.353% Inverse Interest Only Not offered Not offered
X 31397UPJ2 $583,990,075 9.31 0.272% Interest Only Not Offered Not Offered
Total   $583,990,075          

Lead Manager: Credit Suisse

Co-Managers: Amherst Securities Group, L.P. and Deutsche Bank Securities

FNA 2011-M2, Priced on Jun 17, 2011

Class CUSIP Original Face Weighted Average Life Coupon Coupon Type Spread Price
A1 31397U3L1 $41,197,000 3.89 2.070% Fixed Rate S+47 100.5
A2 31397U3M9 $41,795,000 8.99 3.710% Fixed Rate S+65 100.5
A3 31397U3N7 $342,229,854 9.77 3.740% Fixed Rate S+66 100.375
AB 31397U3K3 $57,984,798 9.13 3.730% Fixed Rate S+78 99.75
FA 31397U3P2 $110,559,670 9.12 1mo L+45, 7% Cap Floating Rate L+45 100.0
SA 31397U3Q0 $110,559,670 9.12 6.361% Inverse Interest Only Not Offered Not Offered
X 31397U3R8 $593,766,322 9.12 0.126% Interest Only Not Offered Not Offered
Total   $593,766,322          

Lead Manager: Amherst Securities Group LP

Co-Managers: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Fannie Mae GeMS Megas

Month Mega Pool Coupon UPB (In Millions)
Jan-11 FN0000 3.584% $104
Jan-11 FN0001 3.763% $237
Jan-11 FN0002 3.309% $109
Mar-11 FN0003 4.301% $220
Mar-11 FN0004 3.632% $120
Mar-11 FN0005 3.375% $196
Mar-11 FN0006 3.421% $84
Mar-11 FN0007 3.459% $25
Mar-11 FN0008 3.383% $37
Mar-11 FN0009 3.416% $137
Mar-11 FN0010 3.841% $19
Mar-11 FN0013 3.462% $37
Mar-11 FN0014 3.104% $33
May-11 FN0018 3.462% $37
May-11 FN0022 3.104% $35
Total     $1,428
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