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Fannie Mae Announces Year-End Servicer Performance Scorecard Results

March 15, 2012

STAR Program Drives Improved Customer Service and Foreclosure Prevention Outcomes

Andrew Wilson


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Fannie Mae (FNMA/OTC) announced Servicer Total Achievement and Rewards™ (STAR™) Program Performance Scorecard results for year end 2011. The STAR Program was created to establish standards and recognize excellence among Fannie Mae servicers in their overall performance, customer service, and foreclosure prevention efforts. Encouraging servicer achievement through the STAR Program is an important component of Fannie Mae’s overall efforts to prevent foreclosures and stabilize neighborhoods.

Overall STAR performance rankings are issued on an annual basis each April. These rankings reflect a combination of the program’s two methods for evaluating participating servicers: operational assessments and annual Performance Scorecard results. Fannie Mae will publish overall 2011 STAR Program annual results incorporating both elements in April 2012.

“Servicers in the STAR Program are changing their approach to managing Fannie Mae loans, assisting homeowners, and measuring success,” said Tara Malone, Vice President of Servicer Review and Measurement, Fannie Mae. “We’re pleased to report significant improvements in performance for some of our servicers over the course of 2011. Servicers have increased their focus on areas of key importance for helping Fannie Mae manage losses and prevent foreclosures, which should drive improved STAR performance in 2012.”

For 2011, the following servicers have produced results on the STAR Performance Scorecard at or above median levels relative to peers:

  • Peer Group One (consisting of 11 servicers) – CitiMortgage, Inc., EverBank, GMAC Mortgage, LLC (Ally Bank), JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo Bank, NA
  • Peer Group Two (consisting of 9 servicers) – Aurora Bank, FSB, Central Mortgage Company, Fifth Third Bank, HSBC Mortgage Corporation, The Huntington National Bank, and Regions Bank
  • Peer Group Three (consisting of 13 servicers) – American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc., Arvest Mortgage Company, Associated Bank, NA, Capital One, N.A., Colonial Savings, F.A., Doral Bank, M&T Bank, Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co., Navy Federal Credit Union, Third Federal Savings and Loan, Branch Banking & Trust, and Sovereign Bank, a FSB

For the second half of 2011, PHH Mortgage Corporation demonstrated significant performance improvements and achieved at or above median levels compared to peers.

Currently, we review thirty-three servicers as full participants of the STAR program. STAR will expand in 2012 to review and assess additional servicers based on updated participation criteria. As a result, peer groupings will change and opportunities for recognition under the program will continue.

STAR Scorecard results for the previous quarters in 2011 may be found at:

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