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Land Home Financial Services Spotlight

Since 1988, Land Home Financial Services (LHFS) has strived to serve their community with high-quality mortgage solutions. They provide a variety of mortgage services to borrowers, realtors, builders, manufactured home dealers and brokers – all while connecting their customers to the latest technology and tools. LHFS understands its customers, provides the expertise and knowledge of a large firm, and offers homebuyers the customized approach of a smaller organization to get them into their homes quickly.


The Challenge

Increasingly, homebuyers in the U.S. are embracing the digital mortgage process, and LHFS’ customers are no different. When homebuyers make an offer on a house, they look forward to closing on their home as soon as possible. LHFS found that with a standard mortgage process, borrowers would need to wait several days or weeks before the loan process could be completed, but with a digital process started at point of origination, the transaction time is shortened significantly.

LHFS was also frequently dealing with lost and delayed notes, such as when overnight packages disappear, mailed to incorrect addresses or delivery services are grounded due to severe weather. Delivery disruptions caused further delays and operational inefficiencies. LHFS has always strived to offer its customers the most efficient mortgage tools to meet each borrower’s financial needs. Borrowers want access to buying a home through a myriad of channels and LHFS knew they had to provide borrowers the option to handle the mortgage process digitally, while still personalizing their customer service approach.



LHFS quickly discovered that using eMortgage and eClosing services offered a seamless and stress-free experience for customers. Despite having a legacy loan origination system and accompanying software integration issues, LHFS still prefers using the eMortgage.

“We believe this is such a superior customer experience, that we’re actually fine going outside of our current systems until the integration process is completed in order to offer the eClosing features now,” says Usher.

Their borrowers now have the benefit of reviewing their paperwork in the comfort of their home. The eMortgage and eClosing tools give LHFS and its borrowers control over the closing transaction times, which can be completed within minutes instead of a few days. LHFS’ closing times have decreased from as long as 45 days down to 15 days comfortably meeting closings dates since implementing eClosing. Another added benefit is that wet closings no longer cause a delay when forming pools and meeting other investor delivery timelines. The volume of eNote production per month has also increased tenfold as a result of high realtor and customer engagement.

The fast closing experience resonated with borrowers and LHFS is also working to drive interest and acceptance from title companies to employ eClosing tools. LHFS regularly holds seminars for escrow and title companies to facilitate conversations around eMortgage and eClosing adoption to demonstrate that these tools will help to deliver a better borrowing experience. Once LHFS incorporated eClosing into their featured products, they received only positive feedback from customers, realtors, and funding teams due to time and cost savings. Realtors are especially excited about eClosing and even direct homebuyers to LHFS because they offer an electronic mortgage process – giving LHFS an edge over other lenders.

Brenda Usher
Chief Operations Officer
Land Home Financial Services

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