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EJ Vick Spotlight

EJ Vick

As a real estate broker, EJ Vick strives to make the home buying or selling process as efficient and stress-free as possible. Vick prides herself on keeping her clients happy with seamless transactions. She has seen first-hand how eClosings have benefitted her clients by making it easier to review documents ahead of time so they can feel confident going into the closing.


The Challenge

In our “always on” digital world, people have grown accustomed to having access to information at their fingertips. The homebuying experience is no exception. While facetime with clients is important, real estate brokers like Vick are embracing technology that provides clients easy access to the information they need to feel empowered during their homebuying transaction.

Compared to a traditional closing, eClosings can provide an easier way to access documents for review before closing. This makes it more convenient for the borrower to address questions or discrepancies that could otherwise delay the closing.

Vick has been at closings where clients see the closing documents and get overwhelmed. In some cases they even cancel and reschedule the closing, which can put their interest rate in jeopardy.


The Solution

Vick has found that eClosings are more efficient for all parties. Since it’s easier for the homebuyer to review their closing documents and get their questions answered ahead of time, an eClosing reduces the chance of any surprises at the closing table. It also makes the transition more pleasant for closings with two sessions (the eClosing and wet signature). For real estate brokers and agents, a smooth transition is key. “With eClosings, it’s easier for homebuyers to go over all the numbers and any discrepancies beforehand. That has been phenomenal.” says Vick.

Vick has received positive feedback from clients on eClosings. “I had a homebuyer not that long ago that used eClosing. When we were at the signing table, they were just so happy that they had already gotten to process everything in the documents and didn’t have that shock factor at the table. They specifically told me they loved it,” she says.

Not only is she an advocate of eClosings, but she also recognizes the benefits for other real estate professionals. For tech-savvy clients less concerned with face-to-face interaction, eClosings are a great fit. “There’s always going to be some relationship that gets lost whenever you’re doing anything electronically, but in the case of eClosings, I think the benefits outweigh that. In this busy industry, it’s necessary to get things done. I think eClosings and eMortgage are great, and I’m very much a fan,” says Vick.

Vick still makes it a priority to get together with her clients, including being at the signing table for any wet signatures. At the end of the day, clients remember the experience their real estate professional provided. For real estate professionals looking to deliver a great experience, eClosings help by making the closing as smooth as possible.

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