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Fannie Mae Careers

Using tech to make an impact

At Fannie Mae, we’re actively hiring top tech talent to support exciting innovations that make a difference in the lives of millions of people across the country.

There was an important problem to solve, and our tech employees played an integral role.

Consistent rent payments weren’t always considered in home loan underwriting, sometimes creating barriers to homeownership for renters. We wanted to change that.

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The situation: 

If people pay rent consistently, they’ll likely pay their mortgage consistently, too

Fannie Mae teams identified how we could leverage technology for a solution that would be a win-win for renters looking to own a home.

Key questions our teams had to answer:

Can we access the rent payment data? Yes we can, with our renowned automated underwriting technology. We use an established process to access payment data securely, with the borrower’s consent.

How can we identify rent payment transactions among all the transactions on a bank statement? We needed to utilize machine learning techniques that required operating in the cloud.

Our approach:

How our teams made it happen using leading-edge cloud technology

Stacey Shifman, Vice President of Analytics at Fannie Mae, describes how cloud technology enabled use of the tools and processes her team employed to create and implement the new enhancement: “Consumer-permissioned bank statement data is the very definition of ‘big data.’ We needed the computing power of the cloud to be able to quickly scan through 12 months of transactions in a consumer’s bank statements and identify the rent payments.”

Sravanthi Davuluri is Fannie Mae’s Director of Technology. Her tech team ensured that a secure cloud environment was set up so that Shifman’s team could bring the solution to life: “Collaboration and teamwork are hallmarks of working in tech at Fannie Mae, no matter that we’re all working remotely. To help more renters become homeowners, we had some really good problems to solve.

The tech we used:

The result:

More renters across the United States can qualify for homeownership

In September 2021, we launched an initiative to update our automated mortgage underwriting system, Desktop Underwriter®, enabling renters to use the power of their rent payment history to help them buy a home.


I am so proud of our work to support this initiative. It’s technology with a purpose to solve a problem. It’s actually making a difference.