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The HERG and Campus Recruiting Host Fannie Mae’s First Student Power Lunch

by Jose Mingorance, Director of Technology, Capital Markets Technology, COO

Jose MingoranceAt Fannie Mae, we strongly believe that Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental as to who we are, how we work, and our vision of being America’s most valued housing partner. This belief is core to our talent lifecycle, recruiting strategy and initiatives.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are one of the key enablers of our D&I strategy. They will work in partnership with recruiting to help attract, engage, and retain a diverse workforce. An example of this partnership was our first Campus Recruiting Power Lunch which was hosted this summer in our DC headquarters with the collaboration of the Hispanic ERG (HERG), of which I have the privilege of being a member for over a decade.

At this Power Lunch, we welcomed local college students who had the opportunity to network and receive career advice from Fannie Mae employees. In addition, HERG Executive Sponsor, Mari Benavides, provided remarks about her inspirational career journey and the lessons she learned along the way. Thirteen students participated in the event, representing a number of universities, including George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and George Washington University. The students were predominantly juniors and graduating seniors, from programs such as Systems Engineering and Computer Science.

Conversations at the HERG Power Lunch.

Mari shared the importance of seeking opportunities to stretch beyond her comfort zone, taking on jobs that at the time, she felt were far reaching. Not only did the students in attendance find great value in her remarks, but many of my colleagues felt energized after hearing her speech. Mari’s journey is another example of key advice I heard from another inspirational Hispanic leader, Guillermo Diaz, Cisco CIO. During a HITEC conference in 2016 he said, "Get comfortable being uncomfortable. If you find yourself very comfortable, then you are probably not learning; and, if you are not learning, you are not growing in your career."

HERG members, like me, are truly inspired by stories like Mari's, and we understand that behind these great stories there is a community that supports us along the way. There are many more examples of successful stories like Mari's at Fannie Mae.

We strongly believe in the idea of pushing and pulling each other up. As we progress in our careers we must focus on pulling up the next generation of leaders while helping to push up our colleagues. This is why we, the HERG, are always thrilled to partner with our HR team on these types of community-focused events.

We're visiting colleges and universities this fall to connect students with our internships and entry-level career opportunities. Visit the University Recruiting page on to learn more about our programs and what campuses we’re visiting. And, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to find out about Fannie Mae’s future student networking events!