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Finding Value at Work

by Christina Caldwell, Communications & Marketing Specialist

Christina CaldwellWhen interviewing for my current position at Fannie Mae, I was told by a future colleague to ask myself three things about my ideal workplace: Do I believe in the mission of the company? Would I find the work personally fulfilling? Would I be challenging myself as a professional?

Having now worked at Fannie Mae for over a year, I can certainly answer with a resounding yes to all of these questions.

One of the initial things that drew me to Fannie Mae was its mission, including its outspoken commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to giving back. We definitely practice what we preach. There is a strong culture of acceptance across all spectrums, backed by many employee resource groups that educate and celebrate our differences. Also, not only are employees empowered to volunteer, they are encouraged to do so by leadership across the company. It is heartwarming to see so many of my colleagues paint houses, clean up parks, and build fences in the spirit of helping others.

Secondly, as someone who continuously seeks out new knowledge and experiences, it is gratifying to be exposed to a wide array of know-how and expertise within the company. Part of my role is to create opportunities for employees to engage with leadership; by coordinating open Q&A sessions, lunches, and talks, I have seen first-hand the impact of my work in bridging the gap across divisions and keeping employees – including myself – connected.

Christina Caldwell collaborating with teammates in DC.

Finally, I have certainly been challenged professionally. Since joining the team in May 2017, I have grown exponentially in this fast-paced environment, taken on more and more responsibility, and been given opportunities to work on enterprise-wide communications initiatives. I have been able to meet and work alongside talented individuals across the company, including senior leadership, and have felt a great sense of comradery along the way.

Working at an organization that values its people, communities, and customers checks all of the boxes on my list – and being able to have a unique experience each day that challenges me (in a good way!) is an added bonus.

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