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Creating a Memorable Summer for Our 2018 Interns - Part 2

by Cat Johnson, Campus Recruiting Project Analyst

Cat JohnsonLast week, we shared part one of "Creating a Summer to Remember for Fannie Mae Interns." Read more stories from our Summer 2018 interns as they shared their experiences interning with Fannie Mae!



Fannie Mae Summer Intern – Mary AnnFor a small town girl, moving 1,109 miles away to live in the nation's capital for ten weeks and learn about technology auditing seemed daunting. Furthermore, I couldn't explain what technology auditing even was! Not the best recipe for someone now considered an intern.

Luckily, my team wasted no time teaching me. They allowed me to jump right in and immediately start writing up reports and performing testing. When I wasn't working on my assigned audit, I had the chance to sit in on meetings for other projects. No question seemed too trivial and no one begrudged any time helping me learn. Working in Audit gave me the unique opportunity to look at many different areas of the company. I was able to learn not just about auditing practices, but also how the different departments in Fannie Mae all fit together.

While auditors are often thought of as the "buzzkill" of a company, the Audit department is full of jokesters, world travelers, and genuinely kind people. I walked into work every day and saw people take a real interest in the welfare and lives of those around them. It is not something often found in corporate America, particularly in companies the size of Fannie Mae. The combination of meaningful work and fantastic people has made my experience here greater than anything I expected. With so many new friends and new experiences, 1,109 miles suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

- Mary Ann Casadaban, IT Audit Intern (Internal Audit)

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - AaronMy internship at Fannie Mae exposed me to the variety of different types of learning that are available in a professional setting. I am a rising junior, majoring in Financial Economics at the University of Rochester, and I had the privilege of working in the Multifamily Chief Operating Office department on the Training and Product Development team, this summer, through the Future Housing Leaders program. When I was accepted into program, in late October of 2017, I did not know much about how Fannie Mae operates. Working on this team was vital to my understanding of the housing market and the key role they play for Fannie Mae.

Throughout the ten week internship program, I have learned about some of Fannie Mae’s Multifamily products, such as Streamlined Rate Locks, Credit Facilities, Green Building, and ARMs. I've also been able to learn a little about other departments, such as Credit Underwriting, Customer Engagement, and Product Management. Taking advantage of all that Fannie Mae offers, like their Way of Working deployment and the online learning found on Fannie Mae University, has really given me a bigger picture of just how much Fannie Mae supports their staff, and how they are looking forward in the mortgage industry. I was even given the opportunity to sit in a meeting to discuss pricing of certain products with the best subject matter experts in the housing market.

I can go on and on about all of the interesting products and topics I had the privilege of grasping a deeper understanding of, but I wanted to highlight Fannie Mae's best offering: how it makes all its employees and interns feel comfortable and like they are family. My summer intern manager, Greg, gave me the opportunity to enhance my presentation skills and confidence, the ability of crafting a proper business email, as well as being given the chance to run my own meeting. Working side-by-side, daily, with Greg and Danielle, a Product Development Manager on my team, allowed me to leverage the amount of knowledge and job skills they have acquired and were willing to share with me. Whether it was having one-on-one conversations with the Pricing Strategy Manager, Ryan, about Capital Markets and Pricing, photography with the Multifamily Credit Risk Manager, Lisa, or even fantastic and unique places to visit in Havana, Cuba, with one of our Directors of Project Management, Kelly, all of it has been a memorable experience.

This summer, I also sat in on many interesting conversations, discussions, and meetings; including the Speaker Series with our executives, Kimberley Johnson, Elcio Barcelos, and Doug Duncan, where we had great, open dialogue and questions about what makes working at Fannie Mae so enjoyable to all of them. And, I hope I truly embraced the Future Housing Leader name, by learning that the best way for me to lead is to first follow.

Fannie Mae has made my summer intern program more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined, and this is one reason why they are a leader in the housing market!

- Aaron Haynie, Future Housing Leaders Intern, Office of the COO

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - MeganAs I gaze up from my laptop screen and take a look at the Washington Monument from the fourteenth floor of the D.C. Midtown office, I cannot express how fortunate I am to have been given the opportunity to intern at Fannie Mae this summer. Just like the Washington Caps had a pivotal summer, so has Fannie Mae with the construction and move into new headquarters that I get to call home. I spent the last eight weeks interning with the Credit Enhancement Management team under Single-Family Mortgage Operations, a welcoming and motivating team that has helped me achieve my goal of walking away with new knowledge and expertise.

These learning experiences during the past two months have been beneficial to my career growth. I was taught how to pull loan data through SQL for credit risk transfer documents and worked with managers to streamline a new tool for Ways of Working (WoW). I was also given the opportunity to sit in on meetings with external customers and actively monitored loan deals for loan removal and reporting. As a college student having no prior credit enhancement operation experience, a majority of skills and terms I had been exposed to were brand new. The most important advice I would give an incoming intern in this same situation is that there is no such thing as a bad question. Asking questions has helped me learn more about not only operations, but Fannie Mae and its role in the mortgage industry at the heart housing. Along with asking questions, one goal I had set for myself back in June was to try and meet one new person every day. Through these daily conversations and questions, I was really able to get a sense of how much the company values its mission and vision.

From participating in a SERVE event (the company's giving and volunteer program) or to listening to executive speakers, the Fannie Mae internship program has brought us interns together countless times for events and networking. I have made numerous friends that I will definitely keep in contact with. As I prepare to leave the nation’s capital this summer, I am fortunate to bring with me a better understanding of the mortgage business, a variety of technical skills, and a new meaning for the ALLCAPS key.

- Megan DiGiuseppe, Operations Management Intern, (COO Operations)

Fannie Mae Summer Intern – NiccolasFor the past two summers, I've had the pleasure of being a part of the Fannie Mae community. Fannie Mae's summer program offers college students a glimpse into the secondary mortgage market. This essential, yet often unknown or misunderstood, facet of housing finance is what helps to power America’s mortgage industry. However, what makes Fannie Mae unique in the world of financial services is the company's emphasis on future innovation, while maintaining its original values. Chartered in 1938, the purpose of this firm was to provide liquidity for America's housing market, an important step in stabilizing the struggling economy. Since then, the company has never forgotten its Great Depression-era mission and continues to focus on working with lenders to provide millions of Americans with affordable mortgages. In the meantime, the company has transformed into a major market innovator. Working in both Operations & Technology and the Single-Family Mortgage business, I witnessed firsthand Fannie Mae's investments in emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionize housing finance. It is this love of innovation and respect for core company values that makes Fannie Mae so unique.

- Nicolas D Scicolone, SF Digital Products Management Intern (Single-Family)

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - FatimaThe weeks easily flew by this summer during my internship at Fannie Mae. At first, the ten week program seemed like a long time, but as I split my time between meetings, shadowing teammates, and networking with employees at Fannie Mae, the weeks went quickly. From presenting to Fannie Mae's senior executives, to being selected to speak as a panelist on Career Enrichment day, this summer has been an unforgettable experience. A couple of big takeaways from this experience were to always be open to new opportunities, and to take the initiative to ask questions. This means going beyond figuring out what to do, but how and why it is done. While I'd like to say that my experience at Fannie Mae has been unique, because I have had the opportunity to work across teams and departments, this is an inherent characteristic of Fannie Mae's corporate culture. By working with organizational development analysts, business project analysts, and human capital analytics, I was able to learn about the metrics each team tracks and about centralized reports with Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Not only have I increased my awareness regarding changes in the mortgage industry, I have experienced firsthand how Fannie Mae assists underserved communities.

- Fatima Asif, Project Analyst Intern (Human Resources)

We really enjoyed spending the summer with these fantastic and talented interns, and wish them the best of luck in the semester ahead!

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