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Charting My Own Career Path – Fannie Mae Associate Program

by Kylee Nisker, Technology Analyst, Fannie Mae Associate Program

Kylee NiskerThe Associates Program at Fannie Mae is what attracted me to begin my technical career in the financial services industry. As a Technology Analyst, the program offers an entry level associate experience working with different types of technology in many diverse divisions and teams throughout the company. In addition to these rotational opportunities, entering a program with other young professionals who would be experiencing the same new milestones as myself, reassured me that I would not be the only small fish in a big pond.

I began my journey in Operations Support Services (OSS), a team within the Operations organization that acts as an internal consultant to help other parts of the company operate efficiently and effectively. While in this rotation, I worked on two different teams where I learned how to create Tableau reports, acted as a Project Manager and understood how the division uses an online tool to track cost and utilization expenses.

Fannie Mae Associates Program - Nationals game

My second rotation lead me down a completely different path to product development in Capital Markets Finance Technology. The diverse, cohesive MBS Trade Automation team welcomed me into their space while patiently describing the basics of an MBS trade. The next six months I gained experience working on an agile team as a Business Analyst, writing (and then rewriting) user stories to discuss in planning sessions and acting as an external user for testing purposes.

Now, I find myself, yet again, on a completely different track working with robots on the Robotics Process Automation team, also known as SPARC. Here, I will be helping automate processes within the company, ultimately providing hours back to the business.

One overarching theme I've noticed throughout my journey, is that everyone is not only willing to teach me, but genuinely wants to help me learn and succeed. One important skill I've learned is that soft skills are often more important than the technical skills I learned in school. Without effective communication, no one can successfully complete a project of any size.

My rotations have offered me a unique perspective of the company and the constant organizational change has given me countless opportunities to step outside my comfort zone and engage with a variety of outstanding individuals. Having just reached my one year work-anniversary, I am looking forward to contribute to the future of Fannie Mae.

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