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Existing Suppliers

Commitment to excellence and innovation

Fannie Mae values our supplier partners, and the contributions that they bring to the table. The greatest value from a diligent and comprehensive supplier management program is achieved through a collaborative relationship with key suppliers, which results in advantages for both Fannie Mae and the suppliers; such as joint innovation, customer engagement, cost reduction, lead-time reduction and process improvement efforts. Our supplier relationships are actively managed through service level agreements, routine performance reviews and mutual action plans. This is the basic level of a successful relationship, from which win-win, value-building relationships grow.

Supplier profile

  • Keep your profile up to date in ProcureOne.
    • Ensure the company’s address and key contact info is current.
    • Regularly refresh the services offered section, should any changes occur.
    • Update the credentials tab within your profile (e.g., Certificates of insurance and W9).
    • Ensure your banking/ACH information is current.
  • If you lose your password to ProcureOne, follow these instructions (PDF).

Supplier performance

  • If applicable, remember to adhere to the tenets outlined in the Service Requirements for Contractors and Consultants (PDF).
  • You may be asked to participate in periodic supplier performance reviews. You will be rated on performance indicators such as cost, quality and ease of doing business, as well as deliverables and performance against contractual service level agreements (SLAs).
  • You will also be asked to participate in periodic supplier risk reviews. You will be assessed for all potential risk that doing business with your company may create for Fannie Mae.

Invoicing Fannie Mae

Accounts Payable is not able to process payments from statements, estimates or quotes. Payments can only be processed from an invoice.

To submit invoices:

  • Submit your invoice to [email protected].
  • Fannie Mae no longer requires suppliers to mail hard copies of invoices.  Submit invoices by email only.
  • Invoices must be submitted as PDFs. Other formats (Excel, Word, etc.) will not be read by our system. Please ensure that any invoices you submit are in PDF format and are not password protected.
  • Please include only one invoice per attachment (PDF).  Fannie Mae's Optical Character Recognition system will scan only one invoice per attachment.  If multiple invoices are included in one attachment, only the first invoice will be processed for payment and the rest will not be processed.
  • For services or goods that require a purchase order, the invoice must include a valid PO number.  Invoices with missing or invalid PO numbers will be considered incomplete and payment will be delayed until valid PO numbers are provided.
  • Include ACH/direct deposit information, which should also be included within your profile in ProcureOne.  
  • Identify the Fannie Mae point of contact responsible for the purchase.
  • Ensure the billing address is accurate.

Questions about an invoice that you have submitted? Send inquires to [email protected].

Employment/Personal Business Opportunities with Certain Fannie Mae Employees