Fannie Mae strives to serve as an industry benchmark for insights into the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors shaping the current and future state of the housing market. We apply the highest standards market research and analysis, using surveys and other methods to listen to consumers, lenders, and other industry participants.

Latest Survey Results

  • National Housing Survey / Home Purchase Sentiment Index
    Consumer Confidence in Housing Dips as Homebuying Sentiment Falls Sharply in July

    August 7, 2020
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  • Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey
    Mortgage Lenders' Demand Expectations for Purchase Mortgages Fall Significantly but Remain Stable and Strong for Refinances

    June 11, 2020
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Latest Special Topics

  • Lenders describe COVID-19-related challenges and business priorities

    June 29, 2020
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  • Impact of Digital Innovation on Lender Workforce, Now and Looking Forward

    May 13, 2020
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Our monthly National Housing Survey® is a nationally representative telephone survey, polling 1,000 consumers a month about owning and renting a home, home and rental price changes, the economy, household finances, and overall consumer confidence. Respondents are asked more than 100 questions, six of which are distilled into a single indicator – the Home Purchase Sentiment Index™ -- designed to provide signals on future housing outcomes.

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Our Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey® complements the consumer-facing National Housing Survey with insights from industry professionals. This quarterly online survey polls senior executives of Fannie Mae’s lending customers to assess their current activities and market expectations. With these findings, other mortgage and housing professionals can better understand industry trends and assess their own business practices.

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Using data collected through our National Housing Survey®, Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey®, and customized research, we conduct in-depth analyses of special topics that explore specific trends, challenges, and opportunities facing consumers and mortgage lenders in today’s housing market. Our customized research draws from a wide variety of market research methods, including surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnographic research.

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