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Fannie Mae FAQ for Digital Newsroom

What does Fannie Mae do? 

We serve the people who house America. We make sure that banks, credit unions, and other mortgage lenders have the funds they need to create housing opportunities that are affordable to very low–, low–, moderate–, and middle–income Americans.

Fannie Mae’s activities enhance the liquidity and stability of the United States mortgage market. Our two business segments are single–family housing and multifamily housing, through which we provide funds to mortgage lenders by purchasing mortgage assets as well as issuing and guaranteeing mortgage-related securities. This helps facilitate the flow of additional funds into the mortgage market. We also move some credit risk away from Fannie Mae and taxpayers through transactions that transfer a portion of the credit risk on some of the single–family loans we acquire. Like our single–family business, our multifamily business works with our lender customers to acquire and securitize multifamily mortgage loans. Our multifamily housing business addresses the rental housing needs of a wide range of the population in all markets across the country, with a focus on supporting affordable rental housing and underserved markets.

For more information, please see Fannie Mae's 2019 Form 10–K filed with the SEC on February 13, 2020.

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