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Help is Available Introducing the COVID-19 Payment Deferral Program

Personalized help for homeowners impacted by financial hardships due to COVID-19

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If you have been impacted by a COVID-19 related hardship and now can resume making your regular monthly payments, a COVID-19 payment deferral may be the best option to bring your mortgage current.

What is the COVID-19 payment deferral program?

The COVID-19 payment deferral program allows you to resume the same mortgage payment you were making before the hardship occurred. If your hardship related to COVID-19 has been resolved, this payment deferral option may be best for you if you are unable to reinstate or afford a repayment plan to bring the loan current.


The COVID-19 payment deferral program moves the amount owed to the end of your loan term, allowing you to resume your regular mortgage payments (this deferred amount does not accrue interest).

With this program, you are not required to go through a trial period. Your loan becomes current after the end of your forbearance plan.

Get peace of mind and get back your financial footing. You do not have to repay the missed amount immediately.

The COVID-19 payment deferral program gives you the opportunity to get your mortgage payments back on track quickly.

Keep in mind

If you’re on a forbearance plan, you may be eligible for a COVID-19 payment deferral immediately after your forbearance plan ends. For more information, contact your mortgage servicer, the company you pay your monthly mortgage to.

Discuss credit reporting with your mortgage servicer. If your loan is covered under the CARES Act, your loan should be reported as current to credit reporting companies if:

  • You were current before receiving a forbearance plan or another accommodation related to COVID-19 and
  • You made your required payments under the forbearance plan or other accommodation (or were not required to make any payments).

If you sell your home before you pay off the mortgage, refinance your loan, or otherwise pay off your mortgage, the missed amount will be due at that time.

Not currently on a forbearance plan?

If you’re not on a forbearance plan but have a financial hardship related to COVID-19 and have been unable to make your mortgage payments, you may be eligible for the COVID-19 payment deferral program.

More information

For more information about solutions related to COVID-19 hardships, call your mortgage servicer or visit

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