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Our Training Methods

HFI OnDemand - Just-In-Time Learning

Training when you need it. No registration necessary. Organized by mortgage function.

HFI InDepth - Virtual Classroom

Register for a live virtual class that emphasizes learner participation. Fee applies.

HFI Spotlight - Webinars

Register for a free live webinar on current policy updates, technology application changes, and other Fannie Mae initiatives.

Upcoming HFI Live Sessions

Qualifying the Borrower Video Series

This new series answers popular underwriting questions. The animations are quick, focused and arranged by topic to help you refresh your knowledge without investing much time.

What's New

  • Updated Condo Project Manager Tutorial

    Condo Project Manager: A Guided Tour has been refreshed! The revised Condo Project Manager Tutorial is an interactive course which shows you how to get started using CPM and get immediate feedback as to the eligibility of a project.

  • Build New Skills with HFI InDepth

    Q2 Housing Finance Institute (HFI) InDepth sessions are open for registration. Learn from expert instructors and get your questions answered in an online virtual classroom.

  • Working with Best Efforts or SET commitments in PE-Whole Loan?

    We have updated PE-Whole Loan Job Aids to include step-by-step instructions for making and managing your best efforts and SET commitments.

Focus Area Training