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Built for today's home buyers.

Our low down payment mortgage designed to help lenders confidently serve today's market of creditworthy low-income borrowers.

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Homeownership education requirement changes now in effect new

On December 7, Fannie Mae implemented policy changes expanding homeownership education loan requirements. To receive the $75 Framework course fee waiver, borrowers must register through the new course link https://educate.frameworkhomeownership.org or https://homeready.frameworkhomeownership.org. Borrowers registering via other URLs may be charged the non-refundable $75 fee. For more information about these and other homeownership education changes, click here.

Ideal HomeReady Borrowers

  • Have low income
  • Are first-time or repeat homebuyers
  • Have limited cash for down payment
  • Have a credit score ≥ 620; borrowers with credit scores ≥ 680 may get even better pricing
  • Have supplemental boarder or rental income
  • Are looking to purchase or refinance

Cancellable Mortgage Insurance*

Unlike government-insured loans, with HomeReady, borrowers may have the option to cancel their mortgage insurance once their home equity reaches 20%. This can result in lower monthly payments down the road

*Restrictions apply.

Flexible Funding

With HomeReady, cash for down-payment and closing costs can come from multiple sources, including gifts, grants, and Community Seconds ® - with no minimum personal funds required.

HomeReady Comparison

Required down payment 3% 3.5%
Cancellable mortgage insurance* Yes No
Immediate appraisal orders from lenders Yes No
Free from geographic restrictions on loan amounts Yes No
Day 1 Certainty™ freedom from reps & warrants available Yes No

*Restrictions apply.

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