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New way to access the Selling Guide Exclamation Point

A web-based version of the Selling Guide is now available on this site. Navigation is simpler and the search engine now provides direct links to Guide information.

The Selling and Servicing Guides are organized into parts that reflect how lenders and servicers generally categorize various aspects of their business relationship with Fannie Mae.

The Guide is amended periodically through the issuance of Announcements, Lender Letters, and Notices that introduce new or modified policies and/or provide clarifications, special guidance, and updates to documents.

Selling Guide Resources

Access the web-based version on this site.

Servicing Guide Resources

  • Servicing Page

    Access the Servicing Guide, as well as Announcements, Lender Letters, Notices, and Exhibits.

Fannie Mae Single-Family Guides via AllRegs


    In collaboration with AllRegs, we provide our Single-Family Selling and Servicing Guides for free online.