Fannie Mae's EarlyCheck™ service provides users with access to Fannie Mae delivery edits at any point in the lender's business process. EarlyCheck assists lenders in identifying and correcting potential eligibility and/or data issues early in their processes and prior to loan delivery.

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EarlyCheck 5.7 effective the weekend of Nov. 17 new

EarlyCheck Version 5.7 will introduce new edits for the high LTV refinance option and ULDD Phase 3 data points, and other modified edits.

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  • EarlyCheck V. 5.6 Coming June 23

    EarlyCheck version 5.6 will introduce new and modified edits, support for new ULDD data points, and more.

  • EarlyCheck V. 5.5 Coming March 24

    EarlyCheck version 5.5 will introduce several edit severity and message modifications to the 1003 and MISMO AUS 2.3.1 file formats, effective March 24.

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