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We provide information, training, job aids, and more to assist in originating loans for sale to Fannie Mae.

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Selling Guide Update Publication Schedule

Selling Guide updates typically are published on the first Wednesday of the month.

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View the link below for Selling Guide updates, Lender Letters, and DU/DO Release Notes. The guide makes it easy to find updates by role, timely announcements, and more.

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Multi-language Resources

Find resources to support your multilingual and non-English speaking customers.

Validation and Approval of Credit Score Models new

FHFA has directed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to solicit applications for "Validation and Approval of Credit Score Models."

Learn more about how Fannie Mae uses credit score models and credit scores.

Technology Applications & Tools

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What's New

  • January 2020 AQM List Posted

    The January 2020 Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM) list has been posted on the Appraiser Quality Monitoring page.

  • IRS Clarifies Effective Date and Scope of Taxpayer First Act

    The IRS recently posted a clarification that Section 2202 of the Act is effective only for disclosures made by the IRS with the taxpayer’s consent after Dec. 28, 2019, and any subsequent redisclosures and uses of such information.

  • New URLA implementation timeline announced

    Fannie Mae has published the updated implementation timeline and mandate for use of the redesigned Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA/Form 1003) and updated DU Specification, as well as updated supporting documents.

  • Selling and Servicing Notice Related to Taxpayer First Act – Updated

    Fannie Mae sellers and servicers must comply with a provision of the Taxpayer First Act that requires persons receiving tax return information to obtain express taxpayer permission to disclose return information to any other third parties.

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