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Fannie Mae offers a range of mortgage products, eligibility options, and solutions to help lenders meet borrowers' needs.

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Down Payment Assistance

  • Down Payment Resource

    This free online tool may help identify sources of down payment assistance for your borrowers. This is a third-party website that is not managed or backed by Fannie Mae. This hyperlink is provided for lender information and convenience only, and the tool is not endorsed by Fannie Mae.

More Resources for Lenders: Home-buyer Education and Counseling

Many organizations offer home-buyer education and counseling that meet Fannie Mae’s Selling Guide requirements. Lender options to locate qualified counselors include, but are not limited to, the programs listed below.

What's New

  • Introducing HomeReady Mortgage new

    Help meet the diverse needs of today’s buyers with HomeReady, Fannie Mae’s enhanced affordable lending product, to be available later this year.

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Selling Guide

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Landlord Guidance

This comprehensive publication guides borrowers through the process of becoming a landlord.