HomeStyle® Energy

The HomeStyle Energy mortgage helps borrowers improve the comfort, efficiency and resiliency of their homes. HomeStyle Energy is open to all Fannie Mae lenders; no special approval needed.

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What's New

  • More flexibilities with HomeStyle Energy

    The February 2018 Selling Guide updated HomeStyle Energy to include resiliency upgrades and changed requirements regarding energy reports, LTV ratios, and more.

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Homeownership education requirement changes now in effect new

On December 7, Fannie Mae implemented policy changes expanding homeownership education loan requirements. To receive the $75 Framework course fee waiver, borrowers must register through the new course link or Borrowers registering via other URLs may be charged the non-refundable $75 fee. For more information about these and other homeownership education changes, click here.

As homes age, it’s more and more likely your borrowers will need to make energy or water efficiency upgrades to improve the comfort of their home. And while HomeStyle Energy can help borrowers save money on utility costs, projects that prevent damage from natural disasters, like retrofitting foundations, can also qualify. Borrowers can use HomeStyle Energy financing when purchasing a home or refinancing their current one.

Why HomeStyle Energy?

HomeStyle Energy is:

  • Flexible – In addition to energy and water efficiency upgrades, HomeStyle Energy can be used to improve a home’s resiliency to natural disasters or pay off existing energy-related debt, such as PACE loans.
  • Simple - Borrowers can finance basic weatherization (up to $3,500), renewable energy and resiliency upgrades without acquiring an energy report.
  • Affordable - Energy efficiency may help save borrowers money on their energy bills and possibly through tax credits and rebates. HomeStyle Energy loans also qualify lenders for a $500 loan level price adjustment (LLPA) credit.

Get Started With Homestyle Energy

Prevent Damage from Natural Disasters

Finance features that protect your borrower’s home from a natural disaster, such as:

  • Storm surge barriers
  • Foundation retrofitting for earthquakes
  • Brush and tree removal in fire zones
  • Retaining walls
  • Radon remediation system installation

Bundle the Benefits

Combine HomeStyle Energy with other Fannie Mae products to offer borrowers more benefits:

  • HomeStyle® Renovation: Use both HomeStyle loans together to maintain benefits like an LLPA credit and energy report waiver on weatherization improvements while funding additional projects that go beyond energy efficiency.
  • HomeReady®: Our low down payment mortgage has lower rates and cancellable mortgage insurance (restrictions apply). Combine this mortgage with HomeStyle Energy to make financing upgrade projects even more affordable.