Excess Attorney Fee/Cost Guidelines

Fannie Mae’s approval is required for all foreclosure or bankruptcy related attorney fees and title costs that exceed the maximum allowable amount set forth in our Servicing Guide, Servicing Guide exhibits and related updates, or other Fannie Mae guidance.


AAA matrices are updated as needed and are dated accordingly, the most recent AAA matrix for each jurisdiction will be available on this site and are provided directly to the firms via email.

AAA Matrix Format

Each matrix contains five sections:

(1) Allowable Fees/Costs
(2) Ineligible Excess Fees/Costs
(3) Standard Excess Fees
(4) Non-Standard Excess Fees
(5) Standard Excess Costs

The AAA matrix provides state-specific excess fees/costs process guidelines and includes a process overview, as well as additional procedures and specific request requirements.

The matrix references applicable Servicing Guide provisions and other policies.

Fannie Mae requires the attorneys to submit all excess fee and title cost requests. Requests made by servicers will not be accepted.