Document Custodians

Document custodians provide critical services for loans owned or securitized by Fannie Mae, subject to eligibility criteria and operating standards. Fannie Mae provides tools and resources to assist in the certification and custody of collateral loan files consistent with our requirements.

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Custodian Notices

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Document Custodian Resources

Document Custodian Forms

Form Title
Form 2001 Annual Statement of Eligibility for Document Custodians
Form 2002 MBS Custodian Recertification
Form 2008 Application for Active Document Custodianship
Form 2009 Request for Release/Return of Documents
Form 2017 updated Master Custodial Agreement (new version)

What's New

  • New lender choice to use full service certification custodians

    The Selling Guide has been updated to give lenders a choice to use full service certification custodians, or FCCs, instead of our designated document custodian. A new Master Custodial Agreement (Form 2017) is required to govern FCC relationships.

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