Assistance in Disasters

We are committed to working with our lender customers to provide mortgage relief to homeowners whose lives have been disrupted by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, or other catastrophes caused by a person or event beyond the borrower's control that result in devastation in terms of property damage and destruction. To help communities recover, we provide detailed policies in our Single-Family Selling and Servicing Guides. Should a disaster be significant, we may amend these policies to expand the relief available to homeowners.

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Disaster Response

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External Resources

Guidance for Servicers

For guidance on special circumstances related to servicing loans in areas affected by natural disasters, servicers may:

Contact Fannie Mae's Single-Family Servicing Servicer Support Center at 1-800-2FANNIE (1-800-232-6643), or

Contact their Servicing Representative directly.

Following a disaster, we rely on our customers to implement our disaster assistance policies and help impacted homeowners. We require servicers to assess property damage and the needs of homeowners in order to provide appropriate relief. In addition, our Account Teams work closely with our customers to determine physical and operational impacts to their business operations and their ability to service mortgages owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae.

How to Respond in the Event of a Disaster

Look for Fannie Mae Announcements
When a significant disaster occurs that adversely affects either the value or habitability of mortgaged properties or borrower's ability to make further payments or payments in full on mortgage loans, we may issue special announcements such as press releases, Guide Announcements, Lender Letters, or Notices with updates or temporary relief policies.

Refer to the Selling Guide and Servicing Guide
For mortgage loans not yet acquired by Fannie Mae, the Selling Guide describes our policies related to properties affected by a disaster. Our servicing policies related to disasters are included in the Servicing Guide. The Lender/Servicer FAQs provide additional information that may be helpful.

Where to Find Selling Guide Requirements for Disaster Assistance
Our selling policy covering disasters can be found in the Selling Guide in the following topics:

  • B2-3-05, Properties Affected by a Disaster;
  • B3-4.3-07, Disaster Relief Grants or Loans;
  • B4-1.4-10, Appraisal Waivers;
  • B5-4-02, Disaster-Related Limited Cash-Out Refinance Flexibilities; and
  • B5-7-02, High LTV Refinance Underwriting, Documentation, and Collateral Requirements for the New Loan.

Where to Find the Servicing Guide Requirements for Disaster Assistance
Our servicing policies covering disasters can be found in the Servicing Guide in the following topics:

  • B-5-01, Insured Loss Events
  • B-5-02, Uninsured Loss Events
  • C-4.1-02, Suspending Credit Bureau Reporting
  • D1-3-01, Evaluating the Impact of a Disaster Event and Assisting a Borrower
  • D2-2-05, Receiving a Borrower Response Package
  • D2-3.2-01, Forbearance Plan
  • D2-3.2-07, Fannie Mae Cap and Extend Modification for Disaster Relief
  • D2-3.2-09, Fannie Mae Flex Modification
  • F-1-13, Processing a Fannie Mae Cap and Extend Modification for Disaster Relief
  • F-1-30, Processing a Fannie Mae Flex Modification
  • Property Preservation Matrix and Reference Guide