How to Become a Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer

Doing business with Fannie Mae – whether you sell loans for cash or pool loans into mortgage-backed securities – can increase your company's profitability, manage its liquidity, reduce its risk and provide benefits to borrowers.

Are You a Current Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer Ready to Deliver Additional Loan Types?

Existing customers can also request approval to deliver additional loan types (second, rehabilitation, Texas Section 50 (a)(6), and cooperative mortgages) to Fannie Mae. Please contact your Fannie Mae Customer Account Team to get more information.

Looking to Become a Listing Agent or Vendor?

  • Supplier Registration Page

    For information on applying to become a Fannie Mae listing agent, appraiser, repair contractor, eviction attorney, maintenance company, or closing agent/title company, visit our Supplier Registration page.

To do business with Fannie Mae, your company must complete these steps. For help getting started, view a detailed roadmap that includes a description of the process for becoming a Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer, including the estimated process time, what to do and the path to success.


Review our requirements with the Path to Approval Toolkit.

Take the Path to Approval Self-Assessment Tutorial
Note: The Seller/Servicer Application is available when you complete the self-assessment.

Fill out the application and e-mail it to A Fannie Mae Sponsor will contact you within 48 hours of receiving it to begin the application process.

Work with your Fannie Mae Sponsor to determine your eligibility and readiness to become a seller/servicer.

Submit documentation supporting your application. Part of the application process includes reviewing your operational procedures.

When your company is approved as a seller/servicer, a Fannie Mae Customer Account Manager will contact you to discuss your company's goals and objectives.

Complete the setup process and learn to use our technology to sell and/or service loans. We also provide guidance through the first month of doing business with Fannie Mae.