Fannie Mae’s lender partners rely on appraisers to provide them with thorough, accurate, and objective appraisal reports that result in reliable opinions of market value so they can make prudent underwriting decisions. The appraisal is used to judge the property’s acceptability for the mortgage loan requested in view of its value and marketability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Appraiser Forms

Form Title
Form 1004 Uniform Residential Appraisal Report
Form 1004C Manufactured Home Appraisal Report
Form 1004D Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report
Form 1004MC Market Conditions Addendum to the Appraisal Report
Form 1007 Single-Family Comparable Rent Schedule
Form 1025 Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report
Form 1073 Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report
Form 2000 One-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report
Form 2000A Two- to Four-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report
Form 2090 Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report

What's New

  • February 2017 AQM List Posted

    The February 2017 Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM) list has been posted on the Appraiser Quality Monitoring page.

  • Appraisal Policy Clarifications and Updates

    We have clarified that appraisal trainees may perform property inspections; will allow use of dollar-for-dollar adjustments to financing or sales concessions based on local market reaction; and are providing flexibility on comparables in new projects or subdivisions.

Guide Resources

Access the Selling Guide via the link below or See Chapter B4-1 for Appraisal Requirements.

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